The question of emotional loyalty came up for me today, as something negative I had to deal with. Now here I’m talking about a feeling state rather than a thinking state.

The curious thing is, I never really viewed loyalty as a negative. My thinking state always viewed loyalty as something noble, something to prize and something to be proud of. Therefore, I was intrigued to explore this.

As an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) master practitioner, I’m aware it’s always important to continuously clear your own negative feelings -  preferably with a coach - but having used EFT for over 15 years now, I’ve begun to notice almost seamlessly what needs to be cleared when it comes up.

When I uncovered the feelings behind the word loyalty for myself (and I will tell you that everyone has their own feeling definition), it brought up limiting beliefs of having to stay in the same environment, having to stay in the same paradigm, of being hemmed in, of staying stuck, there were also elements of a lack of freedom to the detriment of joy too.

Once these negative feelings then started coming up and I cleared them, feelings of guilt that I should feel this way came to the fore. I was happy to clear these too, and then that wonderful feeling of calm descended upon me.

Not being content with just being calm and having cleared all the negative feelings associated with loyalty, I then moved to raise my energy with gratitude for all the friends I have, all the wonderful regular, steadfast comforts that are around me because of a regular practice to nurture them (a positive form of loyalty) and then gradually, something shifted and a wash of good feelings flooded over me. I get this happy giggly feeling in the pit of my stomach when I’m really happy. I was there at +10.

This as this is the way we work in EFT to clear any negative feelings to give rise to positive feelings and create great shifts in our lives. By clearing the negatives we collapse the perceived problems which gives rise to calm and higher energy states.

And look out for those wolves in sheep’s clothing! The negatives are not always so apparent, and are often shrouded in noble definitions!

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