Achieve, Achieving, Achieved.

***How are you doing on your goals for 2017 so far?***

The desires to create our goals and achieve our dreams to become the best version of ourselves can be very powerful. We relive our desires over and over again to make them happen.

As we know, our true self or our best self has no limits.

Along the way to our desires we take a rest within the feelings of satisfaction. Feelings of satisfaction help us measure how far we've already come according to our own set-point.

Feelings of satisfaction incorporate the recognition, our own analysis of where we've come from and where we're going to, and take account of how far along the road we already are travelling.

So, satisfaction 'takes account'. Whether it be a relationship, your money situation or your health, how satisfied you are is your own measurement of how well you are doing in relation to your goals - whether or not you have consciously set these goals.

We use gratitude to power up the happy feelings we need to underpin the virtuous cycle we are creating to lead us to our desires- like pedaling a bike to get to where you want to go or starting the jet engine of a 747.

Gratitude helps you gain momentum. The daily practice of gratitude helps drive the mind towards new things it can be grateful for too. Without the gratitude there may not be quite enough power of momentum to sustain the desire. Gratitude is one of the elements that fuels the happiness to create the higher energies for the medium and long term support of our desires.

But even with all this gratitude, limitations exist. We often don't reach our goals because of these limitations that trip us up.

Limitations are created by our environment (meaning our circumstances too), our programming and our emotions. For example, when we view the present moment in a filter of the past, we carry along the baggage of limitations. When we feel 'not good enough' we are living within our limiting beliefs.

Within the feeling state, it's mainly our limitations that are holding us back. Limitation is an opposite feeling and an opposite energy to freedom.

In states of high wellbeing we create synchronicites and in that expanded space peace, joy, compassion, and equanimity are our natural states. Here we can all move past our conditioning to achieve things beyond our wildest dreams.

By releasing the toxicity of stored emotions, we can liberate our best selves and enhance our wellbeing. The emotional freedom this creates gives us a clear run to accelerate to our desires too, allowing expansion to happen.

We use modalites like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) to work with our limiting beliefs, we learn how to release them and how to amp up your desires, clear what's blocking you and achieve your dreams.

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Here's to activating your desires and achieving your goals!