To take you back to when I originally started working on my journey with EFT I had a coach who was always trying to take me from thinking with my head to the feeling state (thinking with my heart) in our sessions. This annoyed me a bit because I was so used to ‘living in my story’ and thought that my story was what was needed to be communicated to resolve what I needed to resolve.

Now I'm aware that then I had this ‘unconscious incompetence’ of getting into my feeling state. But why is this important you might ask? In case you don’t already know, the feeling state is where the magic happens.

Onwards to 2017 and I’m so much better at connecting, speaking, communicating, feeling with my heart – and with that comes gratitude as life is so much sweeter now.

So onto my story about hustle. I’m a big coffee fan. Here in the UK we have Costa coffee – for me that’s tons better than Starbucks (but we’ll leave that heated debate for another time!). Going in to get my favourite brew about 6 months ago I thought to myself how hard the staff there have to work to earn their money. Having just started my online business I was in the position where I knew I’d have to work hard to get traction. So I put my head down and worked and worked and worked, like someone who really had to work hard.

The main thing about having an online business and creating online programs is that results are not always predictable and there’s so much testing, testing and so much more stuff to firehose your mind with to get you up to speed to create a working online business.

So I nearly burnt myself out (again).

Then I remembered my coach’s constancy of asking me to move to my heart during our sessions. I realised that that was the missing for me: again, a practice of moving from my head to my heart – in my case from ‘hustle’ to REST. It’s simply another ‘unconscious incompetence’ that I need to move to a place of ‘conscious competence’.

I just wanted you to all to know this because this is yet another example of the practices that I now use with clients in my sessions. Working with my heart has had an exponential impact in my life. I want it to be the same for you, so you can thrive too and love your life.