Decision Making: 10 Components of Decision Making to Keep you in Control of your Life.

Decision Making: 10 Components of Decision Making to Keep you in Control of your Life.


How many decisions do we make each day?

It is widely estimated that an adult makes 35,000 decisions every day whereas young children make only 3000, per day. Although this statistic appears to me to be highly debatable, and I would agree it would be right to be sceptical about it, it still is evident that we make more decisions than we think.

Decisions are interesting as it is where the confluence of so many elements of emotion, programming, the cocktail of circumstances, and (in some instances) forward planning occurs – both consciously and subconsciously. 

Achieve, Achieving, Achieved.

***How are you doing on your goals for 2017 so far?***

The desires to create our goals and achieve our dreams to become the best version of ourselves can be very powerful. We relive our desires over and over again to make them happen.

As we know, our true self or our best self has no limits.

Along the way to our desires we take a rest within the feelings of satisfaction. Feelings of satisfaction help us measure how far we've already come according to our own set-point.

Feelings of satisfaction incorporate the recognition, our own analysis of where we've come from and where we're going to, and take account of how far along the road we already are travelling.

So, satisfaction 'takes account'. Whether it be a relationship, your money situation or your health, how satisfied you are is your own measurement of how well you are doing in relation to your goals - whether or not you have consciously set these goals.

We use gratitude to power up the happy feelings we need to underpin the virtuous cycle we are creating to lead us to our desires- like pedaling a bike to get to where you want to go or starting the jet engine of a 747.

Gratitude helps you gain momentum. The daily practice of gratitude helps drive the mind towards new things it can be grateful for too. Without the gratitude there may not be quite enough power of momentum to sustain the desire. Gratitude is one of the elements that fuels the happiness to create the higher energies for the medium and long term support of our desires.

But even with all this gratitude, limitations exist. We often don't reach our goals because of these limitations that trip us up.

Limitations are created by our environment (meaning our circumstances too), our programming and our emotions. For example, when we view the present moment in a filter of the past, we carry along the baggage of limitations. When we feel 'not good enough' we are living within our limiting beliefs.

Within the feeling state, it's mainly our limitations that are holding us back. Limitation is an opposite feeling and an opposite energy to freedom.

In states of high wellbeing we create synchronicites and in that expanded space peace, joy, compassion, and equanimity are our natural states. Here we can all move past our conditioning to achieve things beyond our wildest dreams.

By releasing the toxicity of stored emotions, we can liberate our best selves and enhance our wellbeing. The emotional freedom this creates gives us a clear run to accelerate to our desires too, allowing expansion to happen.

We use modalites like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) to work with our limiting beliefs, we learn how to release them and how to amp up your desires, clear what's blocking you and achieve your dreams.

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Here's to activating your desires and achieving your goals!



The question of emotional loyalty came up for me today, as something negative I had to deal with. Now here I’m talking about a feeling state rather than a thinking state.

The curious thing is, I never really viewed loyalty as a negative. My thinking state always viewed loyalty as something noble, something to prize and something to be proud of. Therefore, I was intrigued to explore this.

As an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) master practitioner, I’m aware it’s always important to continuously clear your own negative feelings -  preferably with a coach - but having used EFT for over 15 years now, I’ve begun to notice almost seamlessly what needs to be cleared when it comes up.

When I uncovered the feelings behind the word loyalty for myself (and I will tell you that everyone has their own feeling definition), it brought up limiting beliefs of having to stay in the same environment, having to stay in the same paradigm, of being hemmed in, of staying stuck, there were also elements of a lack of freedom to the detriment of joy too.

Once these negative feelings then started coming up and I cleared them, feelings of guilt that I should feel this way came to the fore. I was happy to clear these too, and then that wonderful feeling of calm descended upon me.

Not being content with just being calm and having cleared all the negative feelings associated with loyalty, I then moved to raise my energy with gratitude for all the friends I have, all the wonderful regular, steadfast comforts that are around me because of a regular practice to nurture them (a positive form of loyalty) and then gradually, something shifted and a wash of good feelings flooded over me. I get this happy giggly feeling in the pit of my stomach when I’m really happy. I was there at +10.

This as this is the way we work in EFT to clear any negative feelings to give rise to positive feelings and create great shifts in our lives. By clearing the negatives we collapse the perceived problems which gives rise to calm and higher energy states.

And look out for those wolves in sheep’s clothing! The negatives are not always so apparent, and are often shrouded in noble definitions!

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To take you back to when I originally started working on my journey with EFT I had a coach who was always trying to take me from thinking with my head to the feeling state (thinking with my heart) in our sessions. This annoyed me a bit because I was so used to ‘living in my story’ and thought that my story was what was needed to be communicated to resolve what I needed to resolve.

Now I'm aware that then I had this ‘unconscious incompetence’ of getting into my feeling state. But why is this important you might ask? In case you don’t already know, the feeling state is where the magic happens.

Onwards to 2017 and I’m so much better at connecting, speaking, communicating, feeling with my heart – and with that comes gratitude as life is so much sweeter now.

So onto my story about hustle. I’m a big coffee fan. Here in the UK we have Costa coffee – for me that’s tons better than Starbucks (but we’ll leave that heated debate for another time!). Going in to get my favourite brew about 6 months ago I thought to myself how hard the staff there have to work to earn their money. Having just started my online business I was in the position where I knew I’d have to work hard to get traction. So I put my head down and worked and worked and worked, like someone who really had to work hard.

The main thing about having an online business and creating online programs is that results are not always predictable and there’s so much testing, testing and so much more stuff to firehose your mind with to get you up to speed to create a working online business.

So I nearly burnt myself out (again).

Then I remembered my coach’s constancy of asking me to move to my heart during our sessions. I realised that that was the missing for me: again, a practice of moving from my head to my heart – in my case from ‘hustle’ to REST. It’s simply another ‘unconscious incompetence’ that I need to move to a place of ‘conscious competence’.

I just wanted you to all to know this because this is yet another example of the practices that I now use with clients in my sessions. Working with my heart has had an exponential impact in my life. I want it to be the same for you, so you can thrive too and love your life.


Today's post is about mindset - where you are and where you would like to be.

Over the past few months I've been creating an online course called the Business Deep Dive Course which, with 89 students, has been a fantastic experience for me. Even with all my long list of coaching and business qualifications it has also been a challenge some days.

To stay motivated every day, to give more, to expand more has been my journey throughout the past weeks and months, which has led to personal breakthroughs especially in regard to confidence levels.

One of the most important questions I've asked myself every day is 'what if'. You might have noticed our emotional states are different every day and different feelings can come up when we ask the same questions.

In a truly positive state of mind we become creative and our highest self starts to emerge. The 'what if' question seems, for me, to activate that state of creativity.

Today I'm going to ask you the same questions:

'What if there were no limits, what would you do?'

'What if love was totally unconditional, how would you feel?'

'Where would you like to be, if not right where you are right now? 
What if this were possible?'

'What if you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?'

In a daily mindset practice you can ask yourself these questions daily. The feelings that emerge from these questions take us to the next step on our journey.

Let me know in the comments below your own insights, your answers to these 'what if' questions.

Happy Monday!


What is Autogenic Reality?

What is Autogenic Reality?

As an EFT master practitioner I deal a lot with what's known in psychology as autogenic (self-created) reality.

I help people to dive into their traumas, collapse them and heal them by taking them safely through snippets of childhood experiences. It's a very fast healing process.

Autogenic reality for the future has to do with goal setting, and raising a persons energy levels so they step into their 'best self'. Send me an email at if you would like to know more!