About bonnie

Hi, My name is Bonnie Harmon. I'm a Business Coach living in Welwyn, Hertfordshire and I can help you on your journey through life and work with you to explore the blockages which may have an impact on your health and experiences so that you can find clarity, fulfilment and freedom in your life.

I personally stumbled upon the benefits of different coaching modalities in 2006 when I was dealing with areas of uncertainty in my business which were causing me stress. With three young children under 9 and a business to run, there seemed to be no solution and no end to the overwhelm and monotony of the day-to-day struggle at the time. I felt I carried the burden on my own and the spark in my life had gone. 

My life seemed to be spiralling downwards and with little or no energy, the demands of everyday life were taking its toll on my relationships, my health, my finances and general well-being. I was coping, but only just. Feeling anxious all the time, and with money worries I had to find a solution that worked. The 'law of attraction' which seemed to work for everyone else simply didn't work for me and I didn't know why.
When I found a coach who I started working with, my life changed for the better within weeks. That led me to the journey into EFT, Life Coaching mindset, NLP,  Master Coaching Modern Stress Management, and working with energy to make my energy work for me in order to become the best version of myself: loving, expanded, aware and enjoying life. I discovered that working with energy in all its forms was the missing link to the law of attraction and then I began to understand the basic principles of quantum physics, chaos theory and universal laws - all of which have the common denominator of energy. 

So having run a multi-million pound business, raised investment as a company director for many years, and now I now get great delight in helping others as an EFT Master Practitioner, Master Coach and Business Coach- serving both individuals and companies - by driving a passion for helping all my clients become their best selves, as a catalyst for their personal change, and I thrive when they find joy and fulfilment in their own lives. 

In addition to serving individual clients with EFT, my site www.businesstransformation.consulting works with C-suite executives - people, processes and mechanisms with a laser focus on leadership and in finding solutions to problems in business to transform their work, their lives and accelerate growth and ROI in their business. 

In addition to my EFT Master Practitioner Status I also am an:

·        NLP Master Practitioner

·        Master Life Coach

·        Emotional and Social Intelligence Coach

·        Modern Stress Management Trainer

·        Social Entrepreneurship Trainer

...what that means for you is that I'm constantly continuing to learn and grow so I can serve my clients at the highest levels. 


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