Here's just a small sampling of the endorsements of Bonnie's work:

"This was an incredible experience! I feel so fortunate to have met Bonnie and practice an EFT Session with her. Not knowing what to expect, I explained that I often end up in a feeling of 'being stuck'. Bonnie's energy and ability to guide me through EFT into a place of peace and relaxation is exactly what I needed to uncover something from my past, that had been holding me back. Her method is simple to follow and her guidance and empathy are what allowed me to really clear deeper emotions that were no longer serving me. Working in the holistic community, I was always aware of these set backs, however I was never given the tools to release them and truly gain some freedom.   Now, because of clearing this limiting belief,  I've stepped into a bigger version of myself and who I want to be in this world. I no longer feel stuck. Bonnie, your guidance, intuition, and expertise can change the world! Thank you. You are a true gift!"

Mona Sharma

Yoga. Nutrition. Beauty.

Regional Vice President

ARBONNE Health and Wellness

"In the blink of an eye Bonnie Harmon changed the way I not only do business, but the way I operate in life on a daily basis. I had the pleasure of working with her in Los Angeles recently. I was mid negotiation with my company's next big client overseas. In under 20 mins with Bonnie enabled me to discover a new perspective in which I not only found new understanding and clarity mentally, but also felt deeply at ease emotionally. The negotiations were complete in 48 hours, turned out better than expected and I was more at peace than ever. She is an absolute gift and I highly recommend her expertise, wisdom and heart. Thank you so much Bonnie!"
Nicholas Pratley
Founder + CEO, Nicholas Pratley, The Wellness Experience

"Working with Bonnie Harmon was an amazing and transformative experience for me. Her unique understanding of energy, along with her insight and skills as a master communication expert, allowed her to help me to not only identify a long standing issue, she also helped to eradicate it completely. Every day since that experience has been both better and brighter. If you want to experience incredible change, and you care deeply for your own well-being, I recommend that you do yourself a favor and immediately start working with Bonnie Harmon. 
-Conroy Browne, C.Ht. SMPTE and Emmy Nominated Editor" 


"Bonnie has a gift for uncovering those places that need to be healed and then helping you to feel comfortable enough to address them. Results come quickly. She is a joy to work with."

"From the minute I met Bonnie, I was struck by her kindness, professionalism and honesty. She guided me through the EFT session with the utmost consideration for my feelings and was very intuitive as to when to stop and when it was safe to proceed. Her knowledge of the procedures of the Emotional Freedom Technique is impressive and she helped me in ways I could never have anticipated. I only wish I had met her sooner! The support I received in the days following the session was beautiful and really made the experience so much gentler and it was subsequently easier for me to cope with the transition and clearing out of my emotions I have a much deeper sense of what drives me as Bonnie helped me explore emotions that had been shut down for years. I am excited about this journey I have commenced and cannot wait for my next session with Bonnie! Thank you Bonnie for the gift of your wisdom and thank you for everything thus far, I look forward to us working together when my next session is booked!"  Cath, NSW, Australia


"I have had two EFT sessions with Bonnie over the past month or so. It has been a tremendous experience and although I have never tried anything like this before I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to work through emotional, psychological and mental distress. The results are seen almost instantly and it's almost as if the negativity and the problems are lifted away and transformed into something that no longer has a negative effect on you. I personally had to work through a recent traumatic experience and a divorce and already from the first session my overall outlook became more positive. The positive effects are experienced much faster than anything I’ve tried before".


“I have been in an abusive relationship for many years and am now in the process of ending it.  Many important decisions are being made and I was so full of anger and worry that it was affecting my everyday life.  Bonnie helped me turn all the hate and negative emotions info positive statements and affirmations that helped tremendously with my focus and ability to keep calm.

Thank you, Bonnie.”  


“I had a problem in deciding which career path to take, to suit my circumstances and after only one session of EFT with Bonnie Harmon I was able to feel the difference and think clearly. I don’t know how that worked but it worked for me!”

"Bonnie did an online session with me using Zoom. She showed me how to use EFT tapping while we spoke. I mostly shared memories with her of my childhood, and also some health issues. We talked for about 90 minutes, while I tapped the entire time. It was funny how, as I told her things, my emotions were all over the place, even with things that I had thought I had let go of years ago. I had/have an abusive mother but I have also had some health issues that have held me back from achieving my goals or at least extending them.
During the session, while I was talking about shopping and how much I enjoy thrift stores, Bonnie started coughing a bit. She wasn't sure why, but I later shared with her that I worried that I had a bit of a shopping addiction. By the end of the session, tapping the entire time, I actually felt like my mind had cleared. The next day I woke up feeling lighter, even as if I had lost weight, (oh, how I wished that could have happened too!), but the lighter feeling was definitely from the session. I am on my winter break from school and work, but I'm feeling good, not too stressed, not worried or anxious, and I went into a thrift store and didn't want or need anything in the store. That may be coincidence, but I choose not to think so.  I would do this therapy again for sure. If you are feeling anxious, stressed or pained in any way, I would recommend giving this a try with Bonnie. She is calm and insightful, picks up on things that I probably wouldn't have and guided me along without me feeling any stress. Overall, it was a great experience."

"Bonnie noticed my frustrated energy at a time that I was feeling emotionally blocked. She right away wanted to help and kept telling me “I was want to make sure that you are safe”. These words touched me and already made me feel better. I felt like I am safe and in the good hands of a loving compassionate woman whose main goal is told help others. I had an amazing session with her. She was all focused on me and nothing distracted her. Out of nowhere, a wave of emotions flooded me, and I know that I am safe with her and can let go.. Right away I felt an incredible change, I knew that I am ok. Not only was the session a healing experience, Bonnie checks up on me and making sure that I am feeling better. Thank you for making me feel so much better and SAFE Bonnie."

"Bonnie is simply amazing. The moment we started our session I felt safe, comfortable, and loved. It was like walking through a healing bubble, that lasted 45 mins. and this was done ONLINE. Bonnie helped me get in touch with a part of my childhood which has been hurt and neglected, which has surfaced in my daily interactions. After just 10 days I had an amazing emotional release and breakthrough and I have felt more whole and complete. Bonnie's work and loving heart has allowed me to feel vulnerable again. Thank You Bonnie. You are a gift. I look forward to seeing you again soon :) Sincerely, Zaid"